Mar 122013

More Amore Digital Anniversary CardI made this digital anniversary card using the More Amore Designer Series Paper for the background with the tag and the bottom heart from the More Amore Ensemble.

For the layout, I used this week’s Sudsol Sketch Challenge. It’s a very simple sketch. I added the greeting from Fundamental Phrases. It’s two different stamps so I was able to resize the “Happy” to be about the same width as “Anniversary”. The heart embellishment and the tag were perfect for this sketch. But I wanted something else to put on the top of the tag besides the greeting. So I looked through the downloads that I have to see what would be appropriate for an anniversary. I found this heart balloon from the Love Impressions Embellishments

I wanted to add a background layer to the tag, so I decided to see how much of a rounding I could get by using the corner rounding feature. Unfortunately, it didn’t go far enough to match the curve of the tag. Then I realized that I could use a combination of a Circle Punch and a Square Punch. When I have to piece punches together to get the shape that I want, I group them together, then copy the group, paste it in place, give that copy a drop shadow, then move it behind the original group. That way no one sees all of the lines from the drop shadows where the punches overlap but I can still give my tag some dimension with a drop shadow.

One of the things I love about digital cards and scrapbook pages is that you can use as many layers as you want and it doesn’t add to the thickness of your project. Whereas, if this had been a paper card, where the heart overlaps the tag, there would be seven layers. Plus is would be pretty heavy for mailing. So with digital cards, you don’t have either of those problems. Plus, you create it once and then you can print it out as many times as you want.

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