Nov 082012

Print Cards at Home Sample

I just did a short video showing how to print cards at home from MDS 2. Now that all 75 new features have been finished and the bugs worked out of it, it so easy to print a single card directly from the program.

As you can see from the photo above, I made matching envelopes to go with the cards that I printed out. You can see how to create the matching envelopes in MDS in another tutorial that I shared HERE several months ago. I love being able to create my cards, print them whenever I need them without having to wait for them and to send them in matching envelopes to family and friends.

Give MDS 2 a try and see if digital crafting is something you would enjoy. You can download the MDS Free Trial to try for 30 days by clicking on the button below. And while you’re giving MDS 2 a try, follow my tutorial and see how easy it is to print cards at home to send to your family and friends.

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